Love vs Market

A forever game

Starting in October 2021, we have hosted Love Portfolio contests for readers. We put the top ten most popular companies in a hypothetical portfolio called TTLP (Top Ten Love Portfolio). We will update this portfolio every time we start a new contest. We will track the performance of TTLP against the S&P 500 in perpetuity, testing the theory of Love Investing over the long term.

Regardless of who will win in this forever game, the most important factors to us are accuracy, transparency, and fun. We will log the history of TTLP’s composition while keeping it frozen in time.


11/1/2021: My thoughts on Oct 2021:

10/1/2021: We started the TTLP with the following ten companies: Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Disney, Tesla, Costco, Netflix, Facebook, Spotify