2022 Love Portfolio Contest

Hello friends,

‘Tis the season of giving. I am going to give you a gift – a chance to win $500 by picking the ten stocks you love the most.

Starting 1/1/2022, we will start a special contest to see how your Love Portfolio will perform in the entire 2022. We will not only compare your portfolio against the S&P 500, but also against each other (anonymously, of course). The winner will receive a prize of $500. #2 will get $300, and #3 will get $200.

The deadline to enter is 12/31/2021.

Here is how it works:

  1. Click on this link to enter your top 10 beloved publicly traded companies whose products and services you can’t live without. Once you enter, your 10 companies are locked and cannot be changed. You can only make one entry.
  2. Starting 1/1, we will start tracking your hypothetical portfolio performance based on your companies’ stock performance over the next year.
  3. We will rank your performance on a web page and send you an update every month. For anonymity, your portfolio will have your first name + last name initial + your state. So it will be like James T. from New York.
  4. The portfolio with the best one-year performance on 12/31/2022 will receive a $500 prize. #2 will win $300, and #3 will get $200.


a. This is not to test your stock-picking skills. Please only enter companies whose products you love, not ones whose stocks you think will perform well.

b. This contest doesn’t involve you putting in real money. We only require you to write down 10 companies. That said, I encourage you to invest using the Love Investing philosophy over the long term. You will more than likely make a lot of money.

If you have any questions, let me know. Otherwise, enter here:

Just FYI, we started a trial run in Oct. 2021 with a small group of fans/readers. It has been SO MUCH FUN!

Here are the performances and picks of current top 3 contestants as of 12/1/2021:

David M from Canada: 16.8% – Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Nvidia, Shopify, Coinbase, Volkswagen, Ford, Square

Clint G from Texas: 12.1% – Apple, Vital Farms, Amazon, Draftkings, Lululemon, Tesla, Costco, Shopify, Ford, ExxonMobil

Snehal B from Texas: 11.2% – Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, UPS, Tesla, Costco, Southwest, Facebook, Shopify

Compared to the S&P 500: 6%

Now, the fun thing is that out of the 44 entries, no one has picked the same portfolio. Everyone’s loves are different. So for you, you should also follow your heart and pick whatever your true loves are.

Let’s have some fun! Merry Christmas! And may your portfolio win!